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A connection to nature has has always been a part of my life. Growing up on the great plains in a  Native American culture I was taught to respect the land and to see myself as a part of it. I took that respect and connection with me throughout my travels.


I came to NYC from California in 1992 to work as a milliner and hat block carver. After a few years in the fashion world and in an unheated studio it was clear to that I needed to make a change.

Within a short time I took seasonal work with a gardening company that was looking for a working artist. After a year I was hired away by one of NYC's most notable terrace design build firms. During the days I would would work on the terraces and at night I would take landscape design and stone carving classes. After 5 years of working with that company I attended school full time the New York Botanical Gardens School of Professional Horticulture. Part of that education consisted of an internship. I did mine at battery park city and was present during the disaster of 9/11. I spent the next few months helping to clean up and renovate those gardens.


After graduation I wanted to be able to take my skill set and apply it to my own projects. My love of plants, stone , and design combined with my practical construction knowledge has helped me to build the spaces I want and that my clients ask for.


I work with a small crew of people and we  work one project  at a time.  The services we offer are  design, construction, planting, lighting, irrigation and maintence


917 945 3081
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